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The traditional leadership training is not working. Several studies show that the majority of the leadership development initiatives don’t lead to actual change. Some studies show that as little as 10% of the current leadership development strategies are working.

That means that 90% of investments in leadership growth are a waste of money. Imagine wasting 90% of your leadership investments for the next couple of years. Imagine your leaders staying on the same level, your employees getting less motivated and your organisation becoming less profitable.

You have two options in this situation. Either, you could keep training your leaders the same way you’re doing right now, hoping and praying that it starts to work.

Or, instead, you can download our Free Leadership Development Guide, become a leadership expert and realize how you can develop your leaders 10x better than your competitors! It contains actionable tactics and strategies based on tons of research from around the world and insights from Yomento’s team of experts.

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* Leadership at scale, 2018

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  • Why your Leadership Development doesn’t lead to actual results and what you can do about it
  • How you can train your leaders to become TRUE leaders that inspire and engage your staff, so your team can excel to the next level

  • How leaders can switch from being consumers to being producers, and grow 10x faster

  • How to use data to ensure effective leadership development. No more guessing!

  • How leaders can transfer knowledge into actionable behaviours with the unique BAR-concept

  • How you can measure your leadership success and learn what works and why

Download this free guide now, before your competitors get their hands on it. And watch your leaders soar to the skies.